Some time ago we have tried GameStorm Retrospective at Citadele Mobile development team.

GameStorm is a technique for brainstorming developed by Bart Hufen from BrandNewGame. It uses gamification to identify areas for improvement and to make their impact transparent. We have adapted it for use in Sprint Retrospective to support continuous improvement in our team. This format looked promising for Sprint Retrospectives focused around a recurring challenge and makes very transparent what needs to be improved.

More detailed explanation and organization details can be found here at Below I just briefly recap out experience and the way how we did it.

First, all you need to prepare is:

  • A room with a large table
  • One GameStorm-canvas per group
  • Green and red post-its
  • Markers
  • Timer
  • The team of people willing to try something different for regular Scrum retrospective ceremony ;).

During the first part, we collectively identified an overarching challenge (f.e. “Fill Sprint backlog for the upcoming 2 Sprints” or “Designers and developers should talk more”). All challenges went to the blue post-its. Also, we have collectively identified three biggest obstacles that need to tackle by the on the yellow post-its.

During the next part created two teams and asked them to identify actions per obstacle and write them down on individual post-its and collect them in a ‘team corner’. To make sure everyone is involved traditional 1-2-4-ALL technique was adopted.

During the last part teams identified top most actionable activities to start or stop doing and address identified obstacles. Decided which items we will pick up for next Sprint.


Conclusion, GameStorm retrospective turned to be very useful for our Sprint Retro to identify what needs to be improved and how. Highly advised to everyone!

June, 2018